Taking Aircraft in Trade

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DallasJet Aircraft

Dallas Jet International has the ability to take your current aircraft in on trade. An aircraft trade can be very advantageous to certain clients who have a need to sell their aircraft within specified timelines or financial limitations. One of the most common examples where a trade-in is advised is when a client identifies and secures a new or upgraded aircraft and must sell the prior aircraft immediately due to the financial burden that two aircraft can create. In other cases, a client may have timeline restrictions due to IRS code 1031 Like-Kind Exchanges and Reverse Exchanges for tax deferment, where a client has a deadline by which the prior aircraft must be sold in order for the tax savings to be realized.

In even another scenario, many of our clients just choose to trade their aircraft to DJI simply to avoid the time requirements, hassles, and risk exposure of marketing an aircraft to the general aviation industry. There are many other situations, often tax-related, where trades with DJI are advisable. If you have an immediate need to sell your aircraft with the peace of mind that you are dealing with a truly professional organization that is financially qualified to buy your aircraft, please call the friendly staff at DJI to set up a formal appraisal of your aircraft asset. We are always looking for quality turbine business aircraft.

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We're a proud IADA Accredited Dealer and part of Aircraft Exchange.