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In all cases, our clients deserve the maximum possible value for their aircraft upon its sale/disposition.  Selling price is always a function of market timing, market knowledge and marketing techniques.  Our clients also deserve to know when it is better to sell, and when it is better to hold.  Through our up-to-the-minute, day-to-day research of the various aircraft markets, as well as our established dealer network, Dallas Jet International is a specialist in determining the precise balance of price point versus holding time on the market.  Selling an aircraft at the right price and right moment can net an aircraft owner hundreds of thousands of dollars in return. Dallas Jet International breaks down the sales process with eight primary phases.  Each phase is a critical component to the success of your business aircraft. Allow us to further explain our Sales Process.


The Dallas Jet International Sales Process includes eight primary phases:

  1. Aircraft Evaluation:  This is the first crucial step in bringing your aircraft to the market.  The goal is to properly market accurate and verified aircraft specification information, so that there are no surprises in the buyer discovery process. Transactions can be compromised due to inaccurate aircraft representation.
    We will construct a technical specification package that gives prospective buyers insight into the specific features and components that make your aircraft advantageous over competing aircraft on the market.  Buyers are from all around the world, from Brazil to the United Kingdom to Southeast Asia to South Africa and beyond.  Technical presentation of your aircraft is crucial to making international and domestic sales.  Our team consists of professionals with extensive technical, operational, and international experience in all types of corporate jet and turboprop aircraft. 
  2. Market Analysis: Dallas Jet International is known throughout the industry for having the most comprehensive and accurate market research data.  Through third party data services and our own research department, Dallas Jet International provides clients with crucial information that even most aircraft appraisers do not have.  This information is vital in price strategy. Over 50% of aircraft currently on the market are priced incorrectly, either too high or too low, thus causing the seller hundreds of thousands of dollars in opportunity cost.  With your consent and approval, Dallas Jet International will price your aircraft at exactly the right number to maximize the relationship between selling price and holding cost.  Our prices are specification-based and market driven.  With Dallas Jet International, you will never lose time or money because the airplane was priced in error.
  3. Marketing Campaign: The process of reaching aircraft buyers to affect a sale is changing more than ever before. Dallas Jet International is very strategic and thorough in its communication to the aircraft buyers’ marketplace.  Our marketing campaigns are comprehensive and relentless. We use web-based and email-marketing campaigns to reach the most qualified buyers in the least amount of time.   Through this modern day “E-marketing”, we effectively target our campaigns for maximum exposure of your aircraft all over the globe, which yields a tremendous amount of responses from prospects.  In addition to E-marketing, there is no substitute for personal selling.  Dallas Jet International is highly effective in adding that personal touch to the sale of your aircraft.  We maintain strong relationships with all of our dealer/broker colleagues as well as the manufacturers, and often consummate sales because of our reputation in the industry for integrity.  We feel it is our personal selling strategies combined with our sophisticated marketing channels that we can sell your airplane in minimum time, at maximum return.  At no additional cost to you, we will formulate professionally-designed marketing kits for every aircraft:
    - Professional Digital Photography
    - Professional Brochure Design and Layout

    Your aircraft will look better in our marketing kits than you ever imagined it could look!

  4. Contract and Deposit: The most significant document in the aircraft transaction is the formal aircraft purchase agreement.  Dallas Jet International employs a contract specialist who can work with clients and/or their legal counsel to properly protect the client throughout the aircraft transaction process.  Negotiating with prospective aircraft buyers is an art and a science, and we have the experience and people to best protect your interests in the process.
  5. Pre-Purchase Inspection and Technical Evaluation:  This event is often the most complicated and unpredictable phases of the selling process. This is regarded as the most important phase of the transaction, and known to be the phase where most transactions can be compromised. It is imperative that you have a technically educated and experienced professional managing and negotiating on your behalf during the entire inspection process.  Dallas Jet International clients can rest easy knowing that this essential component of the sales process will not become an unwelcome liability.
  6. Test Flight and Aircraft Acceptance:  As former professional ATP pilots, Dallas Jet International executives hold over 20 type-ratings and have logged over 14,000 hours in business jet and turboprop aircraft. This factor alone is instrumental to each Dallas Jet International client as they can be rest assured our presence on these critical flights guarantees we are the most competent to determine the proper functioning of the aircraft and its respective systems.
  7. Closing: The Dallas Jet International Closing Checklist is comprised of over 100 steps. Since Dallas Jet International’s focus is on the buying and selling corporate aircraft, we execute these 100+ steps with the utmost precision and efficiency.
  8. Post Closing: Dallas Jet International’s involvement does not stop on the aircraft’s closing day.  Some of the most critical steps of selling an aircraft do not occur until after the actual sale of the aircraft.  Dallas Jet International’s post sale management can go on for weeks or months after the transaction has taken place. 


It is the right of aircraft owners to be able to sell their high-dollar asset in privacy.  Dallas Jet International is extremely proficient in finding a buyer for your aircraft in the most confidential manner, if required by the client.


Honesty and integrity are the best policies.  Unlike many companies in the modern day, Dallas Jet International will never exaggerate the facts to paint a picture that is rosier than reality.  We will always be forthright in communicating the exact condition of the market and what you should expect in terms of timing and price.  We also emphasize frequent communication with our clients so that they are never in the dark wondering about the status of their aircraft.  Sometimes that requires us to paint a less-than-desired picture…..but true professionals will always tell the truth.  That is the Dallas Jet International difference.


In certain circumstances, based on careful financial analysis, it may be very advantageous to wait on the sale of an aircraft.  Although this defers the transaction that both our clients and us want, it is sometimes in the best financial interest of the client to do so.  If it is in the client’s best interest, it is in our best interest as well.  Serving our clients’ best interests explains why most of our business is repeat or referred. 

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