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Aircraft Acquisitions – Who you choose is more important than what you choose when it comes to an aircraft purchase transaction.

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While Dallas Jet International is highly experienced in the marketing and sales of jet and turboprop aircraft, we are equally experienced in the procurement and acquisition of corporate aircraft on behalf of clients. In fact, more and more clients are turning to Dallas Jet International as their acquisition (buying) representative. Over 80% of aircraft are purchased by buyers who have professional representation by an aircraft broker/consultant. With such a high demand and low supply of quality aircraft, the marketplace is not at all conducive to the aircraft buyer. That is why it pays dividends to have an experienced and reputable agent on your side (the buyer’s side) of the market.

What is the best aircraft for you?

The goal of a successful aircraft acquisition is to procure the best aircraft for your mission within the financial constraints of your enterprise and in accordance with what the market allows. An essential stage of the buying process occurs well before any market research is begun. This stage is known as the mission profile stage. In this stage, we spend as much time as is needed to assess the “mission” of your personal or business entity. Issues such as trip distances, trip frequency, number of passengers, cargo requirements, runway issues at the most frequent destinations, and aircraft comfort features are addressed. While it is a mistake to buy an aircraft that is “under-qualified” for your mission, it is just as detrimental and even more costly to buy an aircraft that is “over-qualified.” Aircraft manufacturers are masters at using nomenclature and marketing buzz to differentiate different models. While it may seem that the more expensive and bigger aircraft is always better, this is not always the case! Careful study of the performance specifications and operating costs by an experienced broker will reveal the best choices for your situation.

Off-Market Aircraft - Take advantage of our relationships that have taken decades to build.

When our clients retain Dallas Jet International to serve as their acquisition agent, they open themselves up to a much wider range of aircraft options than they would otherwise have as a private, unrepresented buyer. This is due to our well-developed global network of aviation brokers, dealers, management companies, maintenance facilities, and aircraft lenders. Due to confidentiality and other related reasons, many aircraft sellers choose not to make the sale of their aircraft public knowledge. These are often some of the very best aircraft available, both in quality and price; however, only through a well-networked broker can a buyer obtain access to these confidential, “off-market” aircraft. There are myriad reasons why aircraft never make it to the open marketplace. Regardless, the private, unrepresented buyer will always have a narrow view of the marketplace and that view will inevitably contain the highest priced aircraft on the market. We know of aircraft that are available for sale months in advance. Aircraft often never make it to the market these days, because buyers with networked brokers are having their brokers contract on the airplane before anybody else hears about it.

We bring you up-to-date information and market intelligence.

Our clients are amazed at how old and “stale” the information is in magazines and on the Internet. They often come to us very frustrated by the experience of continually pursuing aircraft (on their own) that eventually turn out to be withdrawn, sold, damaged, or unrealistically priced. This is simply the reality of advertising in the aircraft business. Very rarely, in any industry, will you find up-to-the-minute or completely accurate information in electronic or print advertising. However, the staff at Dallas Jet International works around the clock to ensure that our market data is up-to-date and accurate. If we present an aircraft, you can be assured that it is truly available and that it meets the standards to which we hold all aircraft that are pursued by Dallas Jet International.

Our commission fee will preserve your capital.

Admittedly, one of the main reasons our clients return to us for their aircraft needs is because we save them a lot of money, plain and simple. Aircraft selection and price negotiations are both an art and a science. We typically save our clients significant amounts of money on the aircraft acquisition price by finding quality aircraft at competitive prices and by using our negotiating power to obtain further savings for our client. These savings are in many cases 5 to10 times what our flat fee is on an acquisition. In that savings alone, our clients realize the value of hiring a professional aircraft acquisition agent.

We minimize your risk, every step of the way.

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Once price is agreed upon, Dallas Jet International takes responsibility for finalizing the formal aircraft purchase agreement and directing the pre-purchase inspection process. The formal purchase agreement and the pre-purchase inspection are the two most important elements of any aircraft purchase, specifically when it comes to protecting the interests of the buyer and minimizing future risk in such a high-value asset. The number one highest cost in the aircraft ownership life cycle is asset depreciation. Through effective negotiating and thorough aircraft inspection processes, clients of Dallas Jet International can be assured that they will be minimizing this reality of ownership.

Our team members are the best-qualified professionals you could want.

The executive staff members at Dallas Jet International are all either former corporate pilots, business executives, technical directors, or all three. We speak many different “languages” in the aviation industry, and this gives our clients a tremendous advantage as well as a sense of peace in the acquisition process. We personally manage the entire inspection process, inspection discrepancy correction, test flight and delivery flight.

Don't underestimate the significance of legal and tax planning.

Dallas Jet International is very experienced in the legal issues that must be addressed in the purchase of an aircraft. The two most crucial legal aspects of any aircraft acquisition are FAA regulatory compliance and sales/use tax strategy. Being in non-compliance with FAA regulations can be catastrophic in the event of an audit, incident, or insurance claim. Sales/Use tax can be a $1-million-and-up liability. It pays to have a professional on your side to address the regulatory and tax issues. If there is a legal matter that cannot be professionally solved by our staff, our network of high-quality aviation attorney firms is robust and effective.

Wondering how you will finance your new aircraft?

At Dallas Jet International, we pride ourselves on maintaining healthy relationships with a variety of aircraft lenders. Our clients trust us to lead them to the right lender amid the unending number of aircraft lenders that are all claiming they can offer the best deal. We have no business alliances with aircraft lenders, so our clients can be assured that we will procure the very best finance/lease solution for their aircraft acquisition.

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