Aircraft Details


Dallas Jet International

2018 Citation M2 SN 0988

Contact Johnathan Wright at +1 817-991-1204 or

TOTAL TIME:  442 Hours | TOTAL LANDINGS: 312 Landings



Aircraft Details

Aircraft Details

Airframe Details:

Total Hours: 442

Total Landings: 312


Engine Details:

Engine Model: FJ44-1AP-21

Left Engine

Total Time Since New: 442.1 Hours

Engine Cycles: 315 Cycles

Right Engine

Total Time Since New: 442.1 Hours

Engine Cycles: 316 Cycles



Professionally flown

Low Time of 442 Hours

No damage history

Flight Stream 510 Enhanced

L3 Avance+ WIFI

4.8.11 software update



Flight Stream 510 enhanced

ALT 4000 Radar Altimeter

Cabin Intercom

PFD Controller

Software 4.8.11

Air Data Computer

Marker Beacon

Data Link

XM Weather


ESI 1000

GWX 70 radar

GDU 1400 Display

C406-N ELT

Synthetic Vision System

GDR 66

PA amplifier

DME receiver

Comm 3 VHF

GMA36 remote Audio

AFCS Mode Controller


Original Interior

Cabin Configuration – FWD side facing seat, 4 club seats

PAX – 6

FWD Galley

AFT Belted LAV



Original Interior

Matterhorn White with Fighter Blue, Silver Metallic, and Gloss Black Stripes



For more information contact Johnathan Wright at +1 817-991-1204 or

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