Aircraft Details


Dallas Jet International

2017 Gulfstream G280

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TOTAL TIME:  1487 Hours | TOTAL LANDINGS: 746 Landings



Aircraft Details

Aircraft Details

Airframe Details:

Total Hours: 1487

Total Landings: 746


Engine Details:

Engines enrolled on MSP Gold

Engine Model: Honeywell AS907-2-IG

Engine 1 Serial Number: P-130335

Time Since New Engine 1: 1507

Engine Cycles Engine 1: 766

Engine 2 Serial Number: P-130336

Time Since New Engine 2: 1507

Engine Cycles Engine 2: 761


APU Details:

Enrolled on Honeywell MSP Gold

APU Model: Honeywell GTCP36-150

Time Since New: 1244



Delivered with New Paint by Gulfstream Savannah in October 2019

Delivered with Fresh Annual 12/24/36 Month Inspection by Gulfstream Dallas in
July 2020

Gulfstream Warranty Start Date June 28, 2019

Engines & APU on MSP Gold

One Owner Since New

Gulfstream PlaneView Flight Deck

Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast Out (ADS-B)

Gogo Business Aviation In-Flight Internet, Text and Talk

Head Up Display (HUD III) / Enhanced Vision System (EVS)

Synthetic Vision – Primary Flight Display (SV-PFD)

Gulfstream Cabin Management Systems (GCMS)

Max Range of 3,600 nautical miles

Nine-Passenger Configuration, Sleeping for Four



Gulfstream PlaneView Flight Deck

Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT)

Dual Pro Line Fusion Flight Management System (FMS)

FANS-1A Data Link

Triple LCD Electronic Display Units

Dual Air Data Computers


Dual Select Attitude Heading Reference Units


Triple Integrated Processor Cabinets

Automatic Direction Finder

Flight Control Panel


Dual Display Selection Panels

Dual Cursor Control Devices

Dual Control Display Units

Dual Automatic Flight Guidance Systems

Dual Channel Data Concentrator Units

Dual Autothrottle Systems

Dual Standby Multifunction Controllers

HF COMM Cockpit Voice Recorder

Dual Distance Measuring Equipment Transceivers

Onboard Maintenance System

Radio Altimeters

Dual 12-Channel GPS Receivers

Terrain Awareness Warning System

Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast Out (ADS-B)

Multiscan Color Weather Radar

Traffic Collision Avoidance with Transponder (Mode S), TCAS II Change 7.1

Multipurpose Flight Reorder System FDR/CVR



Gulfstream CabinView [light information system with worldwide maps

Gulfstream Cabin Management Systems (GCMS)

Passenger Address System

Gulfstream HD Audio/Video Distribution System (AVDS)

Passenger Service Units (PSUs)

Passenger Control Units

Auxiliary High-Definition Multimedia Input (HDMI) Jacks

USB Charging Ports

Dual-Slot Blu-Ray/DVD/CD Player

ICG Nxt-Link 220A Iridium Satcom

Flight Deck Privacy Curtain

19-Inch HD LCD Monitor in Forward Cabin Bulkhead

115/60Hz Outlets throughout Aircraft

Continuous Side Ledge with Cup Holders and Personal Storage



Supplemental Flight Package (2nd HF, 2nd ADF, 2nd Collins Datalink, 2nd Radio Altimeter, 3rd VHF NAV, 3rd FMS, Laseref VI IRS)

Head Up Display (HUD III) / Enhanced Vision System (EVS)

Synthetic Vision – Primary Flight Display (SV-PFD)

XM Weather (single EFIS)

Micro Quick Access Recorder (QAR)

Toilet Shroud Knee Pads

Cobham Swift Broadband APU

Oil Level Sight Gauge

Dual Electronic Charts and Overlays

LED Taxi and Landing Lights

Flight Deck Jump Seat HD

Tail Mounted Camera

No. 3 Flight Deck Audio Control Panel

Towbar / Towbar Head

Vinyl Flooring in Entryway

Outfitted for FAA Part 91 Operations

Quartz Polymer Countertops with Sink Cover

TIA Coffee Maker

China, Crystal and Flatware in Fitted Storage

Defibrillator with Storage Provisions

Sixteen (16) Champagne Flutes and two (2) Storage Boxes with Inserts

Mirror on Aft Side of Lavatory Door

Advanced Aviation Medical Kit (AAMK)

Forward Cabin Pocket Door with Viewing Port

Gogo Business Aviation In-Flight Internet, Text and Talk

19-Inch LCD Monitor in Aft Cabin Bulkhead

Two (2) Flex-Wing Headrests on No.2 Forward Facing Single Seat

Two (2) Recliner Leg Rests on No.2 Forward Facing Single Seat



Nine-Passenger Configuration, Sleeping for Four

Four Single Seats with Two Console Tables

Two Single Seats and One Console Table with an Opposing Three-Place Berth able Divan

Forward Galley, Includes Convection Oven and Coffee Maker with Pullout Work Surface

Aft Vacuum Lavatory


Delivered with New Paint

Matterhorn White, Gray, Concord Blue Pearl, and Taxco Silver Pearl


For more information contact Brad Harris at 817-291-0711 or

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