Aircraft Details


Dallas Jet International

1998 Citation Bravo S/N 0860

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TOTAL TIME: 3397 Hours | TOTAL LANDINGS: 2808 Landings



Aircraft Details

Aircraft Details

Airframe Details:

Total Hours: 3397

Total Landings: 2808


Engine Details:

Engine Model: Pratt & Whitney PW530A

Time Since New Engine:  3397 Hours

Engine Cycles: 2808



No Known Damage History


Freon Air Conditioning




Primus Integrated Avionics System KGP 860 (EGPWS) Class B TAWS

Honeywell KY 196A Dual VHF Upgrade 44 Amp/Hr Battery

Aircell-Sat Phone AT-02 Bendix/King CAS66A TCAS 1 System

KTR93 HF Receiver-KFS594 Control Head MC 800 MFD

IC-600 Aircraft Computers ALT 55 Radar Altimeter

Dual KT-70 Mode S Transponders Artex 110-40G ELT w/ provisions for Nav

Garmin GTN 750 and GTN 650

WC-660 Radar Controller KR 87 ADF

DU-870 Primary Flight Display

Artex 110-406 ELT w/nav interface

Safe Flight angle of attack system

Dual micro AZ-850 air data computers

Dual 8x7-inch primary flight displays

8x7-inch multi-function display


Allied Signal KR-87

Honeywell Primus 1000 IFCS

Dual Honeywell Primus 1000 IFCS/Silver

Fairchild A200A

Dual AlliedSignal DM-441B

AirCell AGT-02 w/dual handsets

AlliedSignal GNS-XLS w/GPS

AlliedSignal (provisions)

Dual AlliedSignal KN-53

Collins ALT-55

Allied Signal KGP-860 Class B

AlliedSignal CAS-66A TCAS-I w/mute switch

Dual AlliedSignal KT-70 Mode S

Honeywell WU-650 color stabilized



Standard fire blocked 7-Passenger configuration

Light beige leather mid-cabin club seating

Aft belted flushing lavatory

Sheepskin-covered crew seats

Forward LS refreshment center

Medium brown burlwood veneer cabinetry, dual executive tables

Bright rose gold hardware

Freon Air Conditioning



Snow white with fawn & chestnut brown stripes


Additional Features:



Cockpit Voice Recorder

Freon Air Conditioning



Additional Equipment:

Thrust Reversers

Aft Belted Flushing Lavatory

Speed Brakes

Single Pilot Rated

Wing/Stabilizer De-Ice Boots

Rosen Sun Visor System

Pilot’s Relief Tube

Wing Anti-Icing as Well

Stick Shaker / AOA Computer/Indicator

Dual 12-volt DC Outlets

Overwater Life Vest


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