Aircraft Details


Dallas Jet International

1997 Gulfstream G-IV SP-1314

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TOTAL TIME:  11,649.3 Hours | TOTAL LANDINGS: 5,380 Landings



Aircraft Details

Aircraft Details

Airframe Details:

Total Hours: 11,649.3

Total Landings: 5,380


Engine Details:

Engine Model: Rolls Royce Tay MK 611-8

Engine 1 Serial Number: 16751

Time Since New Engine 1: 11,215.4

Engine Cycles Engine 1: 5156

Engine 2 Serial Number: 16752

Time Since New Engine 2: 11,229.9

Engine Cycles Engine 2: 5161


APU Details:

Enrolled on Honeywell MSP Gold

APU Model: Honeywell GTCP36-150(G)

Serial Number: P-866C



Delivered with Fresh Level 3 Prebuy Completed by WestStar Perryville, MO

DU-885 Upgrade


150-G APU Enrolled on MSP Gold

TCAS 7.1

6.1 FMS

88 Parameter FDR

GoGo ATG 5000

TruNorth Duo Simphone (Iridium)

TruNorth AFIS

GH-3000 ESIS


Enhanced Surveillance Flight ID

Airshow 4000

Annual Exterior Permaguard



Sperry SPZ-8400 System

Dual Honeywell SPZ-8400

Dual Honeywell FZ-820 FGC

Dual Collins VIR-432

Dual Collins HF-9000 with SELCAL

Dual Honeywell NZ-2000 w/ GPS & 6.1

Honeywell GNS-XLS w/ AFIS Interface

Fairchild F-1000 Flight Data Recorder

Fairchild A-100 Cockpit Voice Recorder

Dual Collins ADF-462

Honeywell TCAS-II w/ Change 7.1

Triple Honeywell LaserRef II

Dual Collins DME-442

Honeywell RT-300

Honeywell WXR-870 w/ Turbulence Detection

Dual Honeywell AZ-810 Air DataComputer

Dual Collins VHF-422C COMM w/ 8.33 kHz

Dual TDR-94D w/ Flight ID Elementary Surveillance


Maintenance Status:

Midlife Completed March 2023 - BizJet Tulsa, OK

BizJet 10-year Engine Warranty Expires 3/2033

96 Month Completed September 2022

5000 Landing Gear and Thrust Reverser inspections C/W September 2022

MSG3 Maintenance Program


Additional Features:

Dual Controls

Stall Warning System

Stick Shaker

Rotating Beacon

Strobe Light

Taxi Lights

Navigation Lights

Single Point Refuel

Remote pilot and co-pilot microphone switches, Airshow 4000

De-Icing System

Ice Lights

Windshield De-Ice

Windshield Wipers

Jet Intake De-Ice

Pitot Heat



August 2011- JetWorks Denton, TX

Great Charter plane with no divans. Interior configuration can be ten to Fourteen place executive
interior with seven seats either side of aisle. Aft lavatory with flush toilet and sink with hot and cold
water. Full aft galley with dual coffee maker, convection oven, and hot cup. Airshow moving map
with 14-inch LCD monitors on fwd and aft cabin bulkheads. All seats are full berthing. 60 hz outlets
at each seat. Custom wood and fabric throughout. Aircraft also has 4 fabric-and-wood coordinated
Ottoman/storage units are leather which are interchangeable with specific seats designed by how
many passengers are on a particular trip.



2014 King Aerospace

Annual Exterior Permaguard

Matterhorn White with Castle Silver Pray Pearl, and Black Pearl Stripes


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