Purchasing An Early Delivery Position

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For buyers who mandate a brand new aircraft, there are better solutions than simply waiting three or five years. One of the many core areas of expertise of Dallas Jet International is the acquisition of future delivery positions in high-demand aircraft. The Pilatus PC-12, Cessna CJ3, and Gulfstream G550 are three examples.

Through our proprietary databases and global networks, we have knowledge of delivery position holders all over the U.S and the world who are planning on selling their delivery positions to interested buyers. Although there are some exceptions due to legality, this is a widely-used strategy for DJI clients who wish to “move up in line” for a factory new aircraft. While some aircraft positions can be advertised in certain public venues, most are not. DJI maintains a proprietary database by means of extensive research in the global marketplace. We have means of locating positions that most people do not. There are specific issues pertinent to the transfer of a new aircraft position, and an aircraft sales professional should be consulted.

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