Aircraft Details


Dallas Jet International

2014 Cessna Citation XLS+

Serial Number: 560-6164 | Registration: N838C

Total Time: 1,253.3 Hours | Total Landings: 791

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Aircraft Details

Aircraft Details


TOTAL TIME:               1,253.3 Hours

TOTAL LANDINGS:      791 Landings



Pratt & Whitney Engines: Model# PW545C


Left Engine Serial Number: PCE - DF0333

Time Since New: 1,253.3 Hours

Engine Cycles: 791 Cycles


Right Engine Serial Number: PCE - DF0332

Time Since New: 1,253.3 Hours

Engine Cycles: 791 Cycles





APU Serial Number: P - 963

Total Time: 581.5 Hours



Factory Warranties Remaining:

* Airframe (Expires - 03/27/2019)

* Engine (Expires - 03/27/2019)

* Honeywell APU (Expires - 03/27/2019)

* Avionics (Collins) (Expires - 03/27/2009)

GOGO ATG 4000 Wifi/Internet



Engine Enrolled on PowerAdvantage+

APU Enrolled on Aux Advantage

Traxall Maintenance Tracking Program



Collins Pro Line 21 Avionics System

Integrated Flight Guidance w/ 3 - Axis Autopilot & Emergency Descent Mode

Dual Collins COM Radios

Dual Collins NAV Radios

Single Collins DME

Dual Collins Air Data Computers

Collins Automatic Direction Finger

Dual Collins TDR - 94D Mode S Diversity Transponders

Dual Collins FMS - 3000 w/ WAAS/LPV GPS Capability & Performance Database

Dual Collins - GPS - 4000S WAAS GPS Recievers

Single Collins HF Radio

Radio Altimeter

Collins TCAS - 4000 TCAS - II - 7.1

Mark V Enhanced EGPWS

Collins IFIS - 5000 - XM Weather & Charts

Dual Collins Attitude Heading Reference System

L3 Communications GH - 3000 Electronic Standby/EHSI - 4000 Horizontal Situation Indicator

L3 Communications FA2100 CVR

Artex C406 - N Emergency Locator Transmitter



Cockpit Speaker Mute Switch

77.1 Cu. Ft. Oxygen System

110 Volt AC Power with 3 Outlets

Avionics Dispatch Ground Power Switch

Marathon Nickle Cadmium Battery

Pulse Light System

Maintenance Diagnostic System

Quick Access Recorder

Right Hand Non - Belted Flushing Toilet

Left Hand Belted Aft Side Facing Seat

Externally Serviceable Lavatory



Certified Altitude:                               45,000 ft.

Maximum Ramp Weight:                     20,400 lbs.

Maximum Takeoff Weigh:                    20,200 lbs.

Maximum Landing Weight:                  18,700 lbs.

Maximum Zero Fuel Weight:                15,100 lbs.

Fuel Capacity (Usable) at 6.70 lb/gal:   6,740. lbs.

Maximum Cruise Speed:                      441 ktas.

8 - Passengers:                                   1,560 nm (IFR Range)

6 - Passengers:                                   1,719 nm (IFR Range)

4 - Passengers:                                   1,879 nm (IFR Range)

2 - Passengers:                                   1, 902 nm (IFR Range)



Overall Snow White with Royal Blue and Silver Gray Stripes



9-Passenger Configuration

LH forward refreshment center

2-place side-facing divan

Mid-cabin, 4-place executive club seating

Aft cabin, 2 forward-facing single seats with floor tracking

Opposite the lavatory seat is a belted seat

Aft flushing toilet (externally serviceable)

Entertainment System w/ fwd-mounted 10.4-inch LCD Monitor w/ Rosen Flight View Map System


These specifications have been prepared by Dallas Jet international and are intended as a general guide to the aircraft. Dallas Jet International cannot, however, be liable for any inaccuracy. It is up to the purchaser to confirm details of concern by survey, inspection and/or inquiry of the seller and to ensure that the purchase contract properly reflects client’s concern and specific details upon which they may rely. Dallas Jet International always advises an independent survey to be performed on behalf of the Purchaser.

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