Aircraft Details


Dallas Jet International

2005 Gulfstream G200


TOTAL TIME:  8396.3 Hours | TOTAL LANDINGS: 5239 Landings

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Aircraft Details

Aircraft Details

Airframe Details:

Total Hours: 8396.3

Total Landings: 5239


Engine Details:

Engines enrolled on Pratt & Whitney ESP Gold

Engine Model: Pratt & Whitney PW306A

Engine 1 Serial Number: PCE-CC0350

Engine 2 Serial Number: PCE-CC0355

Time Since New Engine 1: 6628

Time Since New Engine 2: 6798

Engine Cycles Engine 1: 4065

Engine Cycles Engine 2: 4150


APU Details:

Enrolled on Honeywell MSP Gold

APU Model: Honeywell GTCP-36-150

Serial Number: P-164

Time Since New: 8959



Total Time 8384.3 and 5232 Total Landings

2016 New Paint by Gulfstream Dallas

Aircell ATG-5000 High Speed Internet

Engines on Pratt & Whitney ESP Gold

Plane Parts

APU Enrolled on Honeywell MSP

12C Inspection Completed by Gulfstream Dallas, June 2017

9 Passenger Interior



Collins Proline EFIS

Dual Collins ADC-850C Air Data Computers

Dual Collins AHC-3000 Attitude Heading Reference System

Collins FCC-4005 Auto Pilot

Dual Collins FMC-6100 FMS with Dual GPS 4000

Dual Collins RTU-4220 Radio Tuning Units

Dual Collins VIR-432 NAV Computers

Dual Collins DME-442

Single Collins ADF- 462

Dual Collins TDR-94D Mode “S” Transponders

Collins TCAS 4000 w/Change 7

Collins TRW-850 Weather Radar

Collins ALT-4000 Radio Altimeter

Dual Honeywell KHF-950 HF Radio w/Jetcal SELCAL

Magnastar C2000 Telephone System

AirCell ATG5000 High Speed Internet

Honeywell Mark V EGPWS

Honeywell SSCVR-120 minute

Artex C406 MHz ELT

Honeywell AFIS



RVSM Compliant

Airshow 400 Inflight Information System

CD & DVD Players

Aft Bulkhead Monitor

Single Seat Monitor



Painted June 2016 by Gulfstream Dallas



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